UK MOD places million pound order for Argus TIC’s

e2v, manufacturer of Argus thermal imaging cameras, today announced its’ winning bid to supply the UK Royal Navy with its hugely successful Argus4 thermal imaging cameras.

The occasion was marked by a visit from the MOD to e2v’s UK Head Offices in Chelmsford Essex and a handover of the first camera in the order worth £1.1 million.

Gordon MacSween, e2v’s divisional director for RF & Sensors commented “We are delighted to welcome the MOD to e2v and thrilled that, after a careful assessment of cameras available on the global market today, the MOD has chosen to equip the UK Navy with e2v’s Argus4 thermal imaging cameras”, adding “e2v was the very first to supply the Royal Navy with thermal imaging cameras, back in the 1980’s. I’m confident that, thanks to the Argus camera’s leading technology, and extreme reliability this will be the first of many wins to supply Argus cameras to naval fleets and marine industries around the world”.

Argus4 thermal imaging cameras are suitable for multiple applications. In firefighting situations in ships, buildings and planes, they save vital seconds in scene assessment, quickly locating both the source of any fire and any casualties.

In addition to their continued service with the UK Navy, Argus thermal imaging cameras are also in service with the Swedish, Australian, Indian and Pakistan navies, the US Coastguard and thousands of fire departments all over the world.