Argus SC security camera at Security 2008, Germany

e2v, a company with over 25 years experience developing thermal imaging technology, will be at Security 2008 in Essen Germany, to launch its new handheld thermal imaging camera. The Argus SC has been designed especially for police officers and security personnel.

The success of thermal imaging cameras used on police helicopters is well documented in the media. Thermal imaging has become an extremely valuable tool in the fight against crime, making it almost impossible for a suspect to escape pursuing officers. The only down side to using this technology has been the cost – until now!

The lightweight Argus SC thermal imaging camera, with its high resolution detector, has already been successfully tested by a number of UK police departments, it provides another set of eyes for officers, helping them to meet the demands faced at night and in other low-light situations.

The Argus SC can detect the invisible infrared energy that all people and objects emit, and can “see” better than the naked eye at night and in bad weather. Whether searching for a suspect, performing surveillance operations, or even routine patrols, darkness can be the greatest obstacle for officers and security personnel.

The Argus SC is excellent at finding people hiding in foliage, regardless of the time of day. By locating a suspect with an Argus SC, officers can approach and apprehend a suspect without giving away their own location or risking dangerous confrontations. Man hunts involving many officers are not needed.

The Argus SC can help officers and security personnel in many ways, from search and rescue and collision investigation, to occupancy evaluation and helping to gather forensic evidence.

Paul Spooner product manager for e2v’s thermal imaging cameras comments, “Exhibiting at security 2008 will provided a fantastic opportunity to show off the features of the new Argus SC directly to the people who need it most.”  Paul continues. ”The best tests results so far have been the use of the Argus SC in drug interdiction operations. The camera detects and reveals the heat created by powerful lighting systems. The Argus SC will clearly see which building in a row of identical buildings is generating the greatest heat. UK police officers have made a number of successful arrests using the Argus SC where individuals have used their property as a location for marijuana growing.”

If you are interested in a demonstration of the camera’s capabilities, or want further information, you can visit , call 01245 453443 or visit the Argus stand at Security 2008 stand