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Midwest City, Oklahoma – Evidence Search

On August 25, 2013, at 22.00 hours, officers responded to a report of a gun discharge. A search was conducted. The suspect was located but no evidence was found. An hour after the shooting the supervisor on the scene requested the argus thermal imaging camera (the TT Type) be brought in. The victim had gone […]

The Beachy Head Chaplaincy – Missing Person

“When the argus TT Type came along I said wow, it blew me away!” said Mark Pybus, director of Beachy Head Chaplaincy. During a routine search, the police came across an empty car which had been left unlocked, it caused immediate concern that someone might be in danger along the downs.  The police instantly requested […]

Thermal imaging technology used to apprehend Boston Marathon bombing suspect

Massachusetts State Police have confirmed that a helicopter mounted thermal imaging camera played a vital role in the arrest of Dzhokar Tsarnaev, a wanted suspect for the bombings during the Boston Marathon in April. The hunt for Tsarnaev’s lasted almost 24 hours, but was successfully ended when the Massachusetts State Police helicopter located Tsarnaev’s heat […]

Police use Thermal Imaging Camera to catch burglary suspect

A man was caught inside the former Photocircuits factory on Sea Cliff Ave. Friday by Glen Cove Police using thermal imaging technology, a department spokesman said. Officer Eddie Linares was checking the abandoned building just after dusk when he heard knocking noises from inside, police said. Investigating further, he smelled a strong odor of burning metal […]