Argus4 user software

Below you will find the Argus4 and F Type user software, simply click on the appropriate software for you to begin the download.

STP-Icon Argus4 320 & 160 – P7050 & P7150 (Version 7)

STP-Icon Argus4 HR 320 – P7130 (Version 9)

STP-Icon Argus4 – P7030 (Version 8)

STP-Icon Argus F Type – P7250 & P7225 (Version 8)

The user software allows you to manipulate images you have taken, review captured media and configure your Argus4 from time and date setting to customising the start up screen to contain your own logo or image.

The Argus4 user software are compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7.

To install these programs:

  • Open the zip file once downloaded
  • Run ‘Setup.exe’ and follow the instructions

If you are experiencing problems with these downloads, you can contact our technical support team by clicking here.